Natural extension of the Ho.Re.Ca. and Promotion division is the dept. of the sales to the Torrefactions that supplies coffee and cappuccino cups in any form and decorations realized with costumer’s sample or designed ex novo.
An high technology production and a quick delivery service are the best peculiarity of our work; keeping this products inside our warehouse and gradually distributing, we help also the client to solve all his logistic problems.


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IAll our cups are made of feldspathic porcelain cooked to high temperatures, with a perfect equilibrium between the thickness of the porcelain and the hardness of the glaze, so exalting coffee’s quality and its aroma.
Many studies and a scrupulous attention to the details confer to our articles the necessary hardness and resistance to the thermal shocks in washing machine.


A creative staff of the company is also able to create original and exclusive cups, making a project in partnership with the client.

Controllo Qualità

Quality checking

Three offices in China at Beijing, Hangzhou and Hong Kong, managed by Italian staff, guarantee a constant quality control during all the phases of the production, from the beginning to the delivery of the definitive product.