Our activity consists in searching and supplying objects for the consumer promotions, particularly collections, loyalty programs, in store and in pack promotions.

It turns, both directly both through promotional agencies, to alimentary firms, oil, great distribution, banks, insurances, specialized retail and firms no profit.

Production happens in Europe for some well-known porcelain brands imported in exclusive or in Far East factories for products of a different typology. For both sources, all products are realized with highly checked material, privileging natural and not altered products, while specific care is dedicated to the observance from our Far East Partners to the international rules in theme of social legislation.

Product Research

A specialized team constantly works to find in the world panorama products with the best quality-price’s relation, in order to fully satisfy consumer’s demand.

Quality Checking

Three offices in China at Beijing, Hangzhou and Hong Kong, managed by Italian staff, guarantee a constant quality control during all the phases of the production, from the beginning to the delivery of the definitive product.


A creative staff of the company is also able to create original and exclusive objects, making a project in partnership with the firm client.