Established in 1820 by Luigi Radif, company has been handing down from father to son for seven generations, in this way reaching a primary role in the field of relation between producer and consumer.
Company’s activity began in the historical shop of Via San Lorenzo where, besides the sale by retail, has been developed the wholesale to hotels and restaurants. In the first half of 1900 Radif company especially applied to big liners chandlery, whose supply of there is still trace inside its offices where you can find samples of porcelain and glassware generally gold decorated and very fine and precious. In 1987 was born a commercial dept. That creates products and service for sales incentives, mainly oriented to the big industry. An important share of it is the sales of coffee cups personalized with logo of the big Italian coffee industries.
In 2001, Radif company purchased brand Issel 1878, an historical shop in the centre of Genoa, dedicated to all important brands of tableware and luxury gifts.

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Esposizione Italo Americana, 1892   Radif   Navigazione Generale Italiana, servizio "Lotta dei galli" (1927)
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