Una Nota di Classe

“Una Nota di Classe” project

For this project the whole catalogue has been studied in hold collaboration with the client.
A special design based on the peculiar theme “Una nota di classe” was created for the whole table porcelain, for the wine crystal glasses with platinum strips, for the stainless steel cutlery and for the linen tablemats with napkin holder in raw silk.

Strade di Genova

"Streets of Genoa" project

Planned to stimulate the creation of an affective relationship between the town and its “milk factory”, this catalogue has been realized through a deepened study of Genoese culture and tradition.
The illustrations of the alleys of the historical centre, true heart of the city, is been retrieved by the ancient dictionaries recovered in the city Libraries and the Ligustica Academy of Belle Arti.
Really successful was the idea to apply these images to the objects of common use in the classical Genoese cuisine as jars, apron, oven gloves, trays in enamelled iron and ladle holder.

le porcellane del Rex

"REX" table porcelain

The model of table porcelain of this promotion campaign has been the faithful reproduction of one of the services in porcelain in use on the T/N ROMA, AUGUSTUS and REX, prestigious transatlantic built in Italy in the first one ‘900 on the rout Genoa – New York.
The reproduction of the refined decoration, that exalted the style and the elegance of the table, has been granted in exclusive to Radif from the ‘Società Italia di Navigazione’.
This idea has received such a consent to induce the client not only to repeat the same campaign for three consecutive years, widening of year in year the number of the objects, but also to open it to the retail sale, in order to allow the consumers to complete their Rex table services.

Posate Amadori

"AMADORI" cutlery

It was an ‘In-pack promotion’, with closed quantity. During the campaign consumer’s appeal has been so big to double the initial relevant expected quantities. This big increasing didn’t behaved any delay in the deliveries thanks to the rapid involvement of several Far East factories.

Stelle di Natale

Christmas Stars

Beginning from the client Request of a Christmas decoration, our team drew and planned Christmas stars in metal and loofha (all certificated natural materials). At the same time also carton exhibitors planned by the client were produced.
The good sinergia between our firm and the client has then allowed a distribution in time to the final destinations.

Vasi Farmacia

Pharmacy Vases

In base to the brief communicated us by the agency, two Pharmacy vases have been found, to gift to the operators of the pharmaceutical sector.
The complexity of the operation has been to conjugate the demand of a manufactured article in ceramics typical of the handcraft production with the necessity to realize it shortly in industrial quantity time, to have a relevant additional value.